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Term Life Insurance
  • » Traditional Term Life Insurance
    Term life insurance gives you coverage for a pre-determined period, at an affordable price. If your death occurs during the chosen period, your loved ones receive a tax-free benefit.

  • » Simply Preferred Term Life Insurance
    Whether your life insurance needs are long or short-term, Canada Life offers the term life insurance solution for you—Simply Preferred? term life insurance offers:
    - Affordable life insurance coverage
    - Premiums guaranteed to remain the same for 10 or 20 years depending on your needs
    - Guaranteed premiums for each renewal period (at the time of issue)
    - And more ...

  • » 10 & 20 Year Renewable & Convertible Term Plans
    Should you require low-cost insurance coverage to cover a temporary personal or business need, Equitable Life has a plan to suit.