Crius Financial Services Corp.
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President's Letter

Crius Financial Services Corporation has been established for 17 years. During the last 17 years, our business has been growing rapidly. Now, Crius has already become one of the largest financial services companies in Canada, especially in Vancouver. Here, I want to show my deepest appreciation to all those advisors who keep giving us their trust and staying with us. Also, I want to say thank you to every advisor of the company. Without your effort and without your hard work, our company will not be as successful as it is today. Also I want to say thank you to all of our provider companies as well as our competitors in the financial industry. We learn from your expertise, your professionalism and your confidence and belief in this business.

Some people ask me what makes Crius grow so fast. I will say that the success of Crius is due to two main factors: our advisors and our company's core value. Our people are our core strength, and our strategy is to continue to contract and retain this talent. Toughness and rugged ability to navigate highly challenging markets is part of our DNA. I am so proud of every member in our company. I feel so lucky that so many great people have chosen to work for Crius. The whole company is fighting for a common goal which makes us stronger. All Crius people believe:

  • in holding the highest level of integrity as our standard of conduct
  • that our success depends on meeting and anticipating our clients' needs
  • in enhancing the excellence of our products and services through innovation
  • in fostering open communication, teamwork and team spirit throughout the organization
  • good business depends on responsible corporate citizenship

Here, I want to say thank you again to all the customers and advisors of Crius. Your support, your trust, your hard work and your loyalty are our biggest motivation. Also, on behalf of Crius Financial Services Corporation, I give you our promise: we will continually do our best to provide you with the most professional suggestions and best services. We will always stand in your shoes to help you achieve your financial goals as soon as possible. Your financial freedom and success is our main focus and happiness. Crius is always with you as your best friend.

Jimmy Shen
President of Crius Financial Services Corporation