Crius Financial Services Corp.
Together, we can achieve beyond imagination!
Corporate Profile

Crius, can be pronounced as: "CREATE-US", is a financial services corporation in Canada.
Our goal is to provide every client with the excellence of our products and services through innovation to meet each individual's financial needs. Because of this belief, over the years, our clients have given us many opportunities to prove our sincerity and professionalism.

Meanwhile, Crius provides an excellent professional platform to create desirable job opportunities and the most comprehensive training experience so that our elites can fully demonstrate their entrepreneurial talent. It is the combination of clients' continuous support and our advisors' contributions that have made today's Crius Financial Services Corporation.

Crius Financial Services Corporation was established in 2005. We are located at Metrotown in Burnaby in Metro Vancouver.
In 2014, we expanded our business to Markham, Ontario, in the Greater Toronto area.
In 2015, we expanded our business to Regina, Saskatchewan.
In 2017, we expanded our business to Edmonton, Alberta.
In 2018, we opened new office in Calgary, Alberta.
In 2020, we opened new office in Coquitlam, BC.
In 2021, we opened new office in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Crius focuses on life insurance, health insurance, and long term investments including RESP & RRSP.
We provide professional advice and outstanding products in the market and provide excellent services to our clients. Every advisor in the company is well trained and would love to help you in finding a suitable solution to your financial needs.
Over the years, we have established solid relationships with many of the largest financial provider companies, such as iA Financial Group, Canada Life, Equitable Life, Manulife, etc.

Crius Vision

To become the best financial services company in the industry.

Crius Mission

To create wealth for every Canadian family. To create real business for every Crius advisor.

Why Choose Us

Our integrity is not only reflected by our company's management and training system, but also by our total devotion to help and service our guests. Our management system follows excellent, practical and professional procedures. We serve our customers with our humility and we always set our clients' financial needs and interests as our top priority. We not only focus on the completion of each planning session, but we also pay tremendous attention to long-term cooperation with our customers. Customer satisfaction and interests are our first priority. It is our philosophy, our vision, our purpose, our responsibility, and our input that created us, Crius Financial Services Corporation. Crius and every one of our professional colleagues are determined to deliver this commitment to each and every one of our customers.