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As a Managing General Agency (MGA), Crius Financial provides health and life insurance products and services since 2005. We are located in BC, Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan with 40,000 square feet office space in total. We support and administrate over 800 independent licensed advisors.

Memories of 2020
Top Advisors
Maggie Ding
Dec 2021
No secrets to success, just keep doing no matter how hard it seems, then it will get easier and easier!     
Jin Qian
Nov 2021
Do not put limits on yourself.     
Fiona Wu
Oct 2021
I can because I think I can.     
Liya Ren
Sep 2021
Believe in the universe!     
Zita Wang
Aug 2021
Do not stop, never give up!     
Lei Zhou
Jul 2021
Life is great because of a mission, Changed by learning, and succeeded by action. My mission is to explore the freedom of wealth as well as the freedom for mind and body.